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Fresnel Lenses

    What is Fresnel lens?

    The Fresnel lens was invented by the French physicist Augustin.Fresnel, who first used this lens in 1822 to design a glass Fresnel lens system - the lighthouse lens. The Fresnel Lens is a fine structure of the optical components, from the front to see it like a dart plate, by a ring of concentric circles.

    Compared to conventional spherical lenses, the Fresnel lens achieves the same optical effect by dividing the lens into a series of theoretically numerous concentric circles, while saving the amount of material used.
    In the first and largest variants of this lens, each ring is actually a different prism from each other.
    Although the Fresnel lens may look like a separate glass, but a careful examination will find that he is composed of many tiny flake structure.

    After the advent of modern CNC machine tools, the use of monolithic glass production Fresnel lens has become a reality, and the birth of optical plastic also makes the Fresnel lens production easier.

    It is because of these lines, the overall thickness of the lens is reduced; the Fresnel lens is actually a continuous convex lens continuous surface is cut for a section of curvature of the discontinuous surface, because the surface is divided very fine, so look Like a circle of lips.
    In fact, the Fresnel lens can be regarded as a series of prisms arranged in a ring, with the edges being sharper and the center being smoother.

    The Fresnel lens design allows for a significant reduction in lens thickness and weight and volume, but at the expense of reduced imaging quality, which is why precision imaging instruments such as monocular cameras and digital cameras still use traditional bulky lenses.
    Fresnel lenses are often made of glass or plastic, and in most cases they are very thin and flat, and have toughness, about 3-5 mm thick.

    Fresnel lenses can be used in a number of areas, including:
    Projection display: Fresnel projection TV, rear projection Fresnel screen, overhead projector, collimator
    Spotlight: solar Fresnel lens, photography with Fresnel spotlight, Fresnel magnifying glass
    Air navigation: Lighthouse with Fresnel lens, Fresnel flight simulation
    Scientific research: laser detection system
    Infrared detection: passive motion detectors
    Lighting optics: car headlights, traffic signs, optical landing system.

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