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What is

Fresnel Lens

The Fresnel lens (pronounced /freɪˈnɛl/ fray-NELL) was invented by French physicist Augustine Fresnel in 1822, the Augustin Fresnel first used this lens design to build a glass Fresnel lens for lighthouse.
The Fresnel lens is a thin, flat optical lens which consists of a series of small narrow concentric grooves on the surface of a lightweight plastic sheet in order to reduce the thickness, weight and cost. Each groove is at a slightly different angle. Every groove can be considered as an individual small lens to bend parallel Fresnel light waves and focus the light. The Fresnel lens now can be made from plastic such as acrylic fresnel lens, PVC fresnel lens and HDPE PIR fresnel lens. A traditional glass convex lens would be thick, heavy and very expensive, but a plastic Fresnel lens is a thin, flat, lightweight and low cost alternative. The Fresnel lens is a good solution for quality image and efficiency at a lower price.

Application of

Fresnel Lens

The applications for Fresnel lenses include fresnel lighting, fresnel lamp, lighthouse, overhead projector, Fresnel magnifier, Fresnel TV projection, camera spotlight lens, automobile headlight, fresnel lens solar energy, rear projection Fresnel screen, PIR passive motion detector, traffic sign, fresnel lens photovoltaic, fresnel solar concentrator, fresnel flight simulator, optical fresnel landing system and LED magnifier.

Types of

Fresnel Lens

Types of Fresnel lens: positive Fresnel lens, negative Fresnel lens, Fresnel lens array, linear Fresnel lens, cylindrical Fresnel lens, circular Fresnel lens, lenticular Fresnel lens, diffraction Fresnel, Fresnel reflection, Fresnel beamsplitter and Fresnel prism.

Advantages of

Fresnel Lens

The Fresnel lens can be designed and manufactured in large size with light weight, so the cost will be lower than traditional glass magnifiers. Significantly reduced lens thickness results in a substantial savings in material cost. Fresnel lenses can reduce weight, which reduces mounting and assembly cost.

Fresnel Lens

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